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A local nursery inspired the creation of a raised pond. Thanks to a member's donation, we could make it happen

A few years ago we saw a raisStaff digging out the beded pond at a local nursery planted with miniature Nymphaea (water lily). It made us think about how we could readily transform our existing raised bed in the Stone Garden into a similar water feature.

As with all new developments in the garden, the idea was added to the long list wating for funding, and that was that for a number of years. Then unexpectedly, late last year a local member approached us wishing to fund a one-off feature in memory of his late wife. He suggested the sum he was looking to donate and our minds immediately flashed with the image of our raised pond.

AStaff manoeuvring the millstonenother catalyst for developing this site was a large millstone, acquired by Lady Anne’s mother back in the 1950s. It had been leaning against the wall of the bed for many years. The temptation to incorporate it in the design was too hard to resist. It would be the perfect addition to a small fountain where water would land, flow over, then spill back into the pond creating an acoustic element.

WNew pond in Stone Gardenork began in July and was completed in early August. As we've got a good working relationship with a local building contractor, we were able to make changes as the project evolved. One of these was to follow the shape of the millstone by curving the front wall of the pond to give it an even bespoke finish. Another was to build around the palm. Now the pond fits around the strong pre-existing features so the the finished article as in-keeping as possible.

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