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Plastic – not fantastic! (6 May)

From plant pots to compost bags to watering cans and much more, it can be hard to avoid using plastic in the garden. In this week’s programme we examine how to go plastic-free on your plot. With contributions from RHS Editor Chris Young, industry insider Natalie Porter of Happy Plants nursery, RHS advisor Becky Mealey and eco-gardening expert Sally Nex. 

Useful links: How to go plastic-free in your garden RHS Plastics Policy ►Gardening for the environment ►Happy Plants (fuchsias, bedding plants & more) ►Search RHS gardening advice Get personalised gardening advice online (RHS members only) ►Join the RHS

Wildlife ponds, sweet peas, strawberries and going chemical-free (29 April)

This week we’re discussing wildlife ponds with author Kate Bradbury and growing sweet peas with top breeder Roger Parsons. In our weekly GYO feature, Dr Sylvia Travers of RHS Garden Bridgewater shares tips on strawberry cultivation. Plus garden writer and wildlife expert Jean Vernon gives advice on controlling pests without chemicals.

Useful links: ►RHS advice on how to make a wildlife pond ►RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond – by Kate BradburyThe Secret Lives of Garden Bees – by Jean Vernon ►Visit our new Gardening for the environment which includes lots of info on going chemical-free in your garden ►Sweet peas: see info on annual sweet peas and perennial (everlasting) sweet peas ►RHS Plant Monographs ► How to grow strawberries ►The Garden magazine  ►Get personalised gardening advice online (RHS members only) ►Join the RHS

Pond plants mentioned – brooklime (Veronica beccabunga), water forget-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides), hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum), curled pondweed (Potamogeton crispus)

Gardening with pets, meet our new Editor and crop rotation explained (22 April)

This week we're discovering how to garden the pet-friendly way. Whether that's making a dog-proof garden, keeping cats at bay or growing food for small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits – there's lots you can do to keep plants, people and pets all happy together. Author, dog lover and RHS Senior Horticultural Advisor Helen Bostock explains how.

Author and organic veg grower Claire Ratinon shares her love of chicken keeping and offers tips on how to keep birds and plants in happy balance. We meet the new Editor of The Garden magazine, Tom Howard, who offers a sneak peek into the upcoming May edition. RHS gardening advisor Leigh Hunt gives advice on crop rotation in the vegetable plot and we hop along to an RHS Partner Garden, Leonardslee in Sussex to meet some rather unusual residents...

Useful links: RHS advice: cats in gardens RHS advice: potentially harmful plants RSPCA Dog-friendly days out: Walkies at RHS Garden Wisley Claire Ratinon on Instagram Leonardslee GardensRHS Partner Gardens - use the 'Facilities' filter to find dog-friendly gardens RHS Find a plant Search RHS gardening advice 

Notes: Lilies are toxic to cats; however cats are unlikely to be poisoned in the garden. The main risk comes from cut flowers indoors – if they brush against open flowers, pollen can be transferred to their fur and then ingested involuntarily as the cat grooms themselves. If you can't avoid growing lilies where cats are present, choosing pollen-free and double-flowered varieties will help you minimise risk, as will providing palatable, edible greens such as grass for cats to nibble on.

Portrait of a Black Gardener by Harold Gilman © Garden Museum / RHSAlpines, terrariums and the gardener who changed British art (15 April)

This week we're zooming in on gardening to appreciate some miniature marvels. James Wong shares his experiences creating miniature tropical worlds at home using terrariums, and Peter Goodchild of RHS Garden Wisley explores the colourful diversity of alpines.

Historian Wesley Kerr tells the story of a groundbreaking painting of a gardener that was a milestone in the representation of Black people in British art. Plus ideas of what to do with your children in the garden with RHS advisor Becky Mealey.

Useful links: RHS website: alpines ►RHS website: houseplants ►James Wong on Twitter / Instagram ►Portrait of a Black Gardener at the Garden Museum ►RHS website: gardening with children ►Join the RHS RHS Find a plant Search RHS gardening advice

Love your lawn and garden design greats (7 April)

Perfect green sward or flowery meadow? Or maybe a bit of both? RHS gardening advisor Nikki Barker gives advice on how to grow a lawn that works for both people and wildlife.

Editor-at-Large Chris Young talks to garden designer Arne Maynard about his design for a beautiful and unusual suburban garden, featured in this month's edition of The Garden magazine. And finally, historian Wesley Kerr sings the praises of another influential designer, 18th-century landscape architect William Kent, in the latest part of our 'Hidden Horticulturists' series.

Useful links: ►RHS advice on lawns ►How to get started with a wildflower meadow (perennials in grass) ►How to grow a mini wildflower meadow (annual flowers) ►Listen to our 'Wildlife in winter' episode with wildflower meadow expert Jenny Steel ►Search RHS gardening advice 

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