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August 2019 – Crocosmias, commas and capturing the perfect garden photo

Chris talks to John Foley of Holden Clough nursery – a man on a mission to show the world that crocosmias are so much more than the old-fashioned montbretia of yesteryear. Plus the magazine's Sub Editor Jeremy Kirk shares the quirks of his job, and and internationally-renowned garden photographer and RHS Photographic Competition judge Andrea Jones offers tips on getting the perfect garden photo.

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July 2019 – Plant rant: do hypericums cut the mustard? Plus bringing in the bees and exploring exotic edibles in Essex

Hypericums are popular plants in municipal plantings – but do they have a place in gardens too? This month garden writer Melissa Mabbitt and Deputy Editor Phil Clayton discuss the charms of this often-maligned genus which has recently been the subject of an RHS Plant Trial. Meanwhile wildlife expert Jean Vernon describes the diversity of native British bees and offers tips on how to encourage them in our gardens. And finally, Digital Features Editor Gareth Richards shares his exotic edible discoveries from a recent trip to Hyde Hall's Global Growth Vegetable Garden.

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Gooseberry displayJune 2019 – Make your own roof garden, the joys of the gooseberry and going peat free

This month Mark Diacono continues his series championing growing for taste with a look at our spiky friend, the gooseberry. Chris talks to him about how best to cook them, and why they've fallen out of fashion. Meanwhile, Emily Erlam, the designer of a London roof garden gives tips on how to create your own lofty paradise. Plus we talk to Catherine Dawson, the Technical  Director at Melcourt Industries, about going peat free, and the innovations that promise to reduce the environmental cost of horticulture.

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May 2019 – A walk on the Wildside, wisteria wisdom and gardening advice goes digital

Keith Wiley's remarkable Devon garden, Wildside, makes a stunning feature in this month's magazine. Chris talks to Keith about his unique approach to planting and how his experience of wild plant communities translates into a garden setting. Matt Pottage, curator of RHS Garden Wisley, revels in the seasonal delights of wisteria – sharing tips on varieties and updates to received wisdom about pruning. Finally, Jenny Bowden explains the new online gardening advice service for RHS members.

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April 2019 – The state of the nation's nurseries, how to choose compost, going plastic-free

Plant nurseries are the lifeblood of gardening and garden shows in the UK. In these challenging times, are they managing to survive and thrive? Chris talks to garden writer Melissa Mabbitt to find out. Are you confused when faced with a barrage of compost options at the garden centre? This month, the magazine features a handy guide to help you find the right compost for you, and Deputy Editor Phil Clayton gives advice on this topic and shares his personal experiences with peat-free compost. Finally, professional gardener and author Sally Nex charts her quest to rid her garden of plastic.

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March 2019 – An insider's peek at the Chelsea Flower Show, rhubarb rhubarb and fast flowers from seed

March is one of the biggest issues of The Garden magazine and in celebration we've got a podcast jam-packed with gardening goodness. Chris gets an insider's guide to this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show with News Editor Anisa Gress, who shares news on exciting designs and highlights to look out for.

Then it's back down to earth as for a discussion on the delights of rhubarb with writer, grower and cook Mark Diacono; then Ursula Cholmeley of Easton Walled Gardens shares her favourite first-year-flowering perennials to grow from seed.

*A note to readers of The Garden magazine:  to hear Chris Young speaking to Anna Skibniewski-Ball about RHS Flower Show Cardiff, please listen out for episode 149 of the RHS Gardening Podcast, which will be broadcast on 21 February. 

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February 2019 – Spawning glories, drought lessons and how to beat tomato blight

This month we dip into the murky waters of garden ponds to get a seasonal lowdown on frog spawn from wildlife expert Helen Bostock, before drying off to discuss what gardening lessons can be taken from last summer's extreme weather conditions with Principal Horticultural Advisor Leigh Hunt. Plus an expert look at tomato blight from lifelong plant breeder Simon Crawford who shares his tips on how gardeners can avoid it.

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January 2019 – Wintergreen ferns with Matt Pottage, fabulous foliage at Rosemoor and CSI Wisley

In this episode we unfurl the best wintergreen ferns with Wisley Curator Matt Pottage. From flamboyant and exotic woodwardias to the delightful, diminuitive native polypody, there's a fern to add greenery to any garden throughout the darkest months.  Plus, Jon Webster shares the delights of the Foliage Garden at Rosemoor; and if you thought pathology was confined to glossy TV dramas, think again, as Plant Pathologist Jassy Drakulic shares insight into her role at the forefront of keeping our beloved specimens safe from all manner of garden baddies.

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Roy LancasterDecember 2018 – Roy Lancaster on conifers, glitter on cacti and how to make your amaryllis flower again

This month, The Garden throws off the shackles of horticultural haute couture and takes a look at some of the least fashionable plants out there. Are dyed, glitter-encrusted and spray-painted plants abominations or a good way to get seasonal colour and encourage new gardeners? Plus plant hunter and author Roy Lancaster VMH shares his life-long love of conifers and Karen Robbirt from the RHS Plant Trials team offers insight into what it takes to get your Christmas amaryllis (properly known as Hippeastrum) to re-flower next year.

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autumn-berries_DSC6136.jpgNovember 2018 – Unexpected berried treasures of autumn, how war shaped British gardens

Dead men's fingers, beauty berry, Himalayan honeysuckle and peonies to name but a few... In this episode we meet the unusual suspects providing seasonal colour with a range of delightful fruits. Chris also talks to garden historian Ambra Edwards about the surprising legacy of the First World War on British gardens.

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Albizzia julibrissinOctober 2018 – Wildlife at Great Dixter; choosing and planting summer-flowering trees

Chris Young talks to Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter, about the incredible diversity of life that calls this world-famous garden home. The garden, created by the late plantsman and writer Christopher Lloyd (known affectionately as 'Christo') is well known as a treasure-trove of plants, but it has only recently become apparent that it's also fantastically rich in biodiversity.

Meanwhile at Wisley, horticulturist and garden manager Emma Allen shares her favourite summer-flowering trees and offers advice on how to plant them now that the main tree planting season is fast approaching.

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