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Summer gardening and the secrets of seeds (06 August)

Seed saving can be a powerful and life-affirming act – permaculture designer Poppy Okotcha shares her thoughts on how and why we should all be saving our own seeds. Resident gardening guru Leigh Hunt dispenses timely gardening advice with his top 10 jobs for August, and RHS advisors discuss rain gardens. Plus: how long can seeds and plants last? Dr Chris Thorogood of Oxford Botanic Garden reveals some surprising facts.

Useful links: ►How to save seeds ►Poppy Okotcha ►Gardening advice for August ►Rain gardens ►Chris Thorogood ►Search RHS gardening advice  

Beyond the garden gate (30 July)

Did you know that the lotus leaf inspired the creation of self-cleaning glass and paints? Or that some tropical carnivorous plants get so big they can eat shrews? Plant hunter and scientist Dr Chris Thorogood shares some of the incredible floral feats that made him fall in love with plants. Garden writer Pattie Barron recounts a meeting with plant that makes a fragrant waterfall of edible foliage with an unmistakeable Mediterranean ambience.

Terry Richardson (aka 'The Black Thumb') is a plant paramedic who rescues orchids from bins; hear his tips on turning trash plants into prize specimens. Plus the RHS gardening advice team tackle questions on evergreen shrubs for pots, poorly-looking roses, growing indoor ferns, and how to make your pond water clear. 

Useful links: ►Dr Chris on TwitterTerry Richardson on Instagram  ►Search RHS gardening advice 

Tatton Park at Home (22 July)

This week we join in with Tatton Park at Home, as our much-loved Cheshire flower show heads online. Meet designers whose careers have been kickstarted by the show's Young Designer of the Year competition. Last year young designer Charlie Hartigan's 1 in 10 garden won the People's Choice award; hear her story and tips for aspiring designers. We speak to Ruth Bolam from English Country Gardeners to get advice for anyone starting a career as a professional gardener, and hear heuchera tips from the show's Master Growers, Plantagogo.

Useful links: ►Tatton Park at Home ►Horticultural Careers hub ►Young Designer of the Year ►RHS Master Grower: Plantagogo ►Search RHS gardening advice ►Find plant suppliers (includes mail order)

Fern frenzy (16 July)

This week's programme is dedicated to perhaps the quintessential foliage plant, the fern. Firstly, garden designer Danny Clarke (aka The Black Gardener) shares his love of the majestic tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica. Then we head into the dark and mysterious Stumpery at RHS Garden Rosemoor to meet a magnificent cast of ferns luxuriating in the cool, moist conditions there. 

Author and journalist Richard Mabey explores a fern frenzy that swept Victorian Britain, the catchily-named Pteridomania. And finally, RHS horticultural advisor Jenny Bowden offers hints and tips on how to get the best out of ferns in your garden.

Useful links: ►All about fernsDiscover Dryopteris ►The Stumpery at RHS Garden Rosemoor ►Search RHS gardening advice ►Find plant suppliers (includes mail order)

What have plants ever done for us? (08 July)

Writer, broadcaster and houseplant obsessive James Wong encourages us to face our fear of killing plants and reap the incredible benefits of indoor gardening. There's never been a better time to think outside the (plant) pot, curating miniature worlds at home and getting creative with alternative planting spaces such as terrariums.

Head of RHS Libraries Fiona Davison explores the history of plant medicine prior to next week's launch of the Healing Garden online exhibition. Erin Lovell Verinder, author of Plants for the People: A Modern Guide to Plant Medicine shares some of the herbal remedies that might just be lurking in our own garden weeds. Plus therapeutic gardener Ozichi Brewster outlines her pioneering social prescribing project at RHS Garden Bridgewater near Manchester.

Useful links: ►Gardening for health and wellbeing ►How to pick the right houseplant for you  ►Healing Garden online exhibition* ►Join the RHS ►Plants for the People: A Modern Guide to Plant Medicine ►NHS advice on herbal medicines ►RHS Garden Bridgewater – Helping people to better health 

(*please note this is currently only available to RHS members; public access starts in August)

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